Hitachi Air Conditioning
Engineered for tomorrow
Working with Lisa Christmas, Hitachi Air Conditioning, Europe required an overarching campaign for advertising and collateral to communicate to their trade facing market – engineers, purchasers and users of Hitachi Air Conditioning within various business sectors such as retail, hospitals and hotels. They wanted to communicate both Japanese Engineering excellence and the products’ harmony with and gentleness on the environment.
The concept of Japanese origami bird forms was chosen. Simply, origami communicates technical Japanese excellence, being traditionally Japanese, highly skilled and detailed, whilst the bird forms have positive connotations of nature and fresh air. Colour ways and configurations echo product area icons (created by The Liquid Way, now We Are Collider), all reinforced with the positioning line ‘Japanese engineering excellence, naturally’.
Origami birds were created traditionally in paper and approved by Japan and then transformed in to CGIs by Steve Wilson.
Results. Great stand out in otherwise cluttered trade press and engaging and inspiring application to the head office reception and training room made for a simple yet memorable and effective campaign.

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