Sara’s Office Solutions
Outsource... Breathe... Thrive
Sara Laskey, founder of Sara’s Office Solutions, excels at verbal and written communication within an organisational role. Conscientious and self motivated, her accuracy and head for numbers add up to bookkeeping skills second to none whilst her abilities to conquer a challenge and thrive under pressure are rarely defeated., a website for Sara Laskey, founder of Sara’s Office Solutions which included a Brand and positioning refresh, transforming original juggling balls into ellipsis... Outsource... Breathe... Thrive ~ A playful communication of the benefit of outsourcing ~ Sara brings efficiency and calm to office administrative tasks allowing business owners and department heads to take a breath, breathe and focus on the business of business.
Website created with Squarespace with additional bespoke code by Tom Blaker
Thank you to Natasha Adlam for first stage copywriting allowing Sara to start the process!
Results. A new look brand marque, rejuvenated positioning and a professional online presence that clearly communicates Sara’s services... and fresh enthusiasm for Sara, proud of the company she has established.

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